LimeBike, part of the Uber organisation, is currently working to establish a presence in Dublin with the expectation that a roll out e-assist bicycles and electric scooters may follow soon after. The news, while welcome, brings into focus Fine Gael’s failure to introduce a proper regulatory framework for the safe use of these devices on our city’s streets.

Fianna Fáil’s Dublin candidate for the European Parliament Barry Andrews commented, “As anyone using our city’s streets knows, the use of e-scooters is becoming increasingly popular. This is before any suggestion of a rental market being established. However, their use is not permitted under existing road-traffic legislation and anyone found to be using one in a public space can be fined, given penalty points or even have their scooter seized by Gardaí.

“As with so much else, Fine Gael’s reaction has been to look the other way and pretend it isn’t happening. There is no doubt that these devices have the potential to make a very positive impact on transport in the city. But we need a plan.

“These e-scooters can travel at speed of up to 50km. Without a plan on where they can be used and regulations around speed, safety and maintenance, there is the potential for very serious injury and disruption.

“These devices have the potential to serve the same purpose in our city as they do in many other major European cities, but we must learn from the mistakes that have been made elsewhere and get the management of them right. Fine Gael have been dragging their feet on this and my hope is that with the arrival of LimeBike, they will finally realise that action is needed.”