Andrews Urges All Other Candidates to Sign the Pledge

February 2019: Barry Andrews, Fianna Fáil’s European election candidate for Dublin has signed a 10-point “Time’s Up” pledge committing to fight sexual harassment in Parliament and the EU institutions. The pledge was launched at a conference by campaign group, MeTooEP in the European Parliament this month.

The launch came after MEPs adopted new rules that require members to refrain from “improper behaviour”, “offensive language” and “psychological or sexual harassment”. The group is made up of staff at the European Parliament who have used an online blog to publish stories of sexual harassment within the institution, in order to break a culture of silence.

The ten commitments MEP candidates must agree to include “ending the culture of silence” said to surround the issue and the “tendency to blame victims of sexual harassment instead of the perpetrators”. Another demand calls for the creation of “one accessible, effective and fully independent structure” to deal with harassment in Parliament, while another of the ten pledges says future deputies “must never accept the excuse of immunity” and “ensure dissuasive sanctions for acts of sexual harassment”.

Fianna Fáil’s European election candidate for Dublin, Barry Andrews said: “I’m absolutely delighted to sign this pledge, there’s nothing more important for colleagues than to be treated with decency and dignity and its incumbent on all in the workplace to make that happen. When MEPs and staff go to Brussels they represent their country on an international stage, and we need to ensure that the highest standards are not only upheld but enforced.”

“I would urge not only Irish European candidates but also those from around the continent to sign this pledge. Together we can make a real impact on creating a working environment that respects human rights and delivers for the citizens of Ireland and Europe.”

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