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Barry Andrews in Europe.

Barry was elected to the European Parliament in May 2019, the first Fianna Fáil MEP in Dublin since 2009. Barry took his seat in the Parliament in January 2020 after the UK left the EU.

Barry believes in Europe. He believes in the principles on which the EU was founded and stands by the liberal, democratic values that have brought peace to Europe and real social and economic progress to our country and our capital over the last four decades.

Barry is full member of the Committee on International Trade and is a member of the Delegation for relations with South Africa. Barry is also a substitute member of the Committee on Development.

Committee Memberships

Member – INTA

Committee on International Trade

Member – D-ZA

Delegation for relations with South Africa

Substitute – DEVE

Committee on Development

Substitute – INGE

Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in the European Union, including Disinformation

Substitute – D-TR

Delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee


As an elected representative I believe that I should be as open and transparent with voters, the people of Dublin, on what salary I receive as their MEP, and what allowances I, and my office, receive to enable us to work on their behalf. Therefore here are full details of all allowances and renumeration that I and my office receive to enable us to work on behalf of the people of Dublin.

~ Barry Andrews MEP for Dublin
  • Salary

    MEPs receive a monthly, pre-tax salary of €8,757.70 that is taxed, at source, subject to both EU and Irish tax. MEP salaries are funded directly out of the European Parliament’s budget.

  • Travel and Subsistence Allowance  

    Every Member of the European Parliament receives a flat-rate subsistence allowance for every day they attend official Parliamentary meetings and engagements. This allowance covers:

    – Accommodation– Meals– Other expenses involved in attending the meeting or engagement.

    The allowance, in 2020, is €320 per day. On average, I attend four days per week at both Brussels and Strasbourg.

    Flights, trains and taxis required to facilitate my travel to Brussels and Strasbourg are booked, and paid for, directly by the European Parliament.

  • Staff Budget 

    MEPs can employ staff of their own choosing, so long as they are unrelated, within a set budget as agreed by Parliament. I employ four full-time staff – two in Brussels and two in Ireland and a paid intern based in Ireland also.

    At present, I employ four full time staff members: Two Accredited Parliamentary Assistants (APAs) based in Brussels and two Local Assistants based in Dublin.

    APAs are administered and paid directly by the Parliament’s own administration.

    Assistants, based in the Dublin constituency, are handled by qualified paying agents, who guarantee that all appropriate taxes and PRSI are paid in Ireland.

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