Dublin for All

Economic growth is vital, but must be managed and sustainable in the interest of all.

A Dublin for All

Dublin is a young, multicultural and vibrant city that is home to the European headquarters of most of the world’s tech giants. Continued economic development is vital for the city but it must be managed and sustainable in the interest of all its citizens. The shortage of housing and limited transport options hurt our quality of life and act as a significant constraint on the city’s development.

If we want to maintain Dublin’s competitive position as a location for business and jobs, we urgently need to tackle these quality of life issues. We have a real opportunity at a time of rapid development to use technology to create a smart city that is more efficient and more sustainable.

Dublin is already one of the top cities for collaboration among tech companies. Innovation hubs are thriving in the city as they harness the expertise of the big tech multinationals located here. The challenge for the city authorities is to extend this collaborative innovation to the agencies that touch the day to day lives of the citizens of the city.

Good work is underway in the SmartDublin initiative, sponsored by the four local authorities, but important areas of public life, such as health and policing have yet to grasp the opportunities technology offers in providing more efficient public services to Dubliners of all ages and backgrounds.

We have a lot to learn from other European cities and from EU policy on Smart Cities as we move on to the next challenge of making Dublin a welcoming integrated place for the many new communities that have made the national capital their home.

As your MEP, I campaign for:

– Investment from the EIB for mixed housing development.

– Funding to retrofit existing housing to make it more efficient.

– EU investment in the infrastructure for electric vehicles around the city.

– Secure research funding for green energy start-ups.

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