There are over 175,000 people in Dublin living with a disability, and according to research conducted by the Disability Federation of Ireland, those with a disability are more likely to face poverty in this country than the able-bodied population.

Commenting on the findings, Fianna Fáil European election candidate in Dublin, Barry Andrews, said, “Disability rights are a global issue and the incidence of poverty among people with disability is high right across the Europe.

“The European Parliament plays a central role in the European Union’s budgetary process and if I am to be elected I will advocate for broader inclusion and employment initiatives and improved accessibility to education for people with disabilities.

“ALDE, the Group I will join if elected to the European Parliament, have been a driving force behind the proposal for a European Accessibility ACT, in particular for accessibility to the built environment.”

“I am also giving a firm commitment that I will join the Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament and that I will work closely with disability organisations in Ireland to be a voice for them in Europe, to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Dublin.

“Fianna Fáil supports making disability rights a core element of the qualifying criteria for countries applying for EU membership. In addition, EU international aid programmes must also encompass disability rights in their central objectives. “