Fine Gael must set out its position on this week’s failure by the European People’s Party (EPP) to expel the right-wing, anti-democratic Fidesz party of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.

Is Fine Gael and its leader, Leo Varadkar comfortable with the decision of its European allies merely to suspend Fidesz’s membership while three senior members of the committee “evaluate” the recent track record of its Hungarian member?
This is an astonishing decision in the face of the flagrant disregard shown by Orban for the basic norms and values that underpin the EU especially at a time of rising right-wing nationalism within the Union.

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that electoral concerns in the forthcoming European parliament elections are the driving force behind the position taken by the EPP. Meanwhile, Victor Orban has hailed the outcome as a “good decision”.
It’s time now for the Taoiseach and his party candidates in the European elections to say where they stand on this appeasement of their profoundly illiberal and anti-democratic Hungarian allies.

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