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Cost of Living


Barry recognises the challenges families, job seekers, and social welfare recipients face due to the increasing cost of living essentials like heating and food. With a compassionate and proactive approach, he is committed to spearheading programs that shield families from the impact of rising prices and working with business leaders to ensure wages align with the current cost of living.

Protecting Families: Shielding Essentials from Price Increases

Barry is dedicated to implementing programs that safeguard families from the burden of price hikes on essentials. He advocates for policies that shield households from rising costs, particularly in areas crucial to daily living, such as heating and food. Barry believes every family in Dublin deserves access to affordable essentials to maintain a dignified and comfortable standard of living.

Working with Business Leaders: Aligning Wages with current living costs

Recognising the interconnectedness of wages and the cost of living, Barry actively engages with business leaders to explore ways to ensure wages reflect the current economic landscape. By fostering partnerships between government, businesses, and employees, he seeks to create an environment where fair wages allow individuals and families to meet their basic needs without undue financial stress.

Ensuring Dignity for All: Families, Jobseekers, and Social Welfare Recipients

Barry is committed to ensuring that every Dublin resident, whether part of a working family, seeking employment, or receiving social welfare benefits, can maintain a dignified and comfortable standard of living. By advocating for policies that address the unique needs of each group, Barry aims to create a Dublin where economic challenges do not compromise the dignity of its residents.

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