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Barry is committed to shaping a functional migration and asylum policy grounded in humanity, solidarity and respect for human rights. The number one priority must always be saving lives. For this reason, Barry tabled a resolution in the European Parliament to introduce EU-led Search and Rescue operations in the Mediterranean, as it is clear we can no longer rely on national coast guards to aid those in distress. The Mediterranean is becoming deadlier daily, and with recent geopolitical developments, this will only worsen. In a historic moment, this resolution was passed by the European Parliament in July 2023, reversing the shameful vote of 2019 before taking his seat as an MEP. Barry is committed to working with the Government to improve conditions for asylum seekers of all backgrounds and to ensure that Ireland shows real solidarity at the EU level. He believes that, when well-managed, migration is positive, creating more diverse, tolerant societies and filling labour shortages.

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