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Barry’s Core Areas of Focus



The European Commission has recognised that Ireland currently faces ongoing housing shortages, leading to decreased housing affordability. Barry is dedicated to identifying lasting solutions for this housing challenge.

Crime and anti-social behaviour


Barry has prioritised addressing the concerns of crime and anti-social behaviour in cities and towns across Ireland. To gain a deeper insight into the extent of this issue, Barry is actively distributing surveys to understand how crime impacts Irish society.

Cost of living


Barry is leading the charge in tackling the urgent cost of living crisis affecting Europe and Ireland. Committed to discovering pragmatic solutions and alleviating the financial strain on citizens, Barry is dedicated to forging a more affordable and fair future for everyone.



Driven by a solid commitment to enhancing healthcare access, quality, and affordability, Barry dedicates himself to securing a healthier and more prosperous future for every Irish citizen.



Barry collaborates with various stakeholders to establish an inclusive and supportive atmosphere for immigrants, simultaneously addressing vital concerns related to integration and immigration management.

Climate Change


Barry is actively advancing sustainability, environmental stewardship, and initiatives for renewable energy. He is committed to implementing strategies to reduce carbon emissions, safeguard natural resources, and foster a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future for the nation.



As a former teacher and a lifelong education advocate, Barry is wholeheartedly committed to enhancing the education system, guaranteeing that each student has access to the necessary tools and resources for success, thus enabling them to contribute to Ireland's promising future.

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