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Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour


Barry Andrews MEP: A Commitment to Safer Streets in Dublin


Barry recognises the importance of creating a safe and secure environment for all Dublin residents. With a multifaceted approach, he is dedicated to addressing immediate crime concerns and tackling the root causes that contribute to criminal behaviour.

The Rule of Law

Barry believes in the fundamental importance of enforcing the rule of law to ensure the safety of Dublin's streets. He advocates for robust law enforcement measures, supporting the Garda Síochána with the resources they need to address instances of crime effectively. Barry is committed to working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies to maintain order and protect the community's well-being.

Addressing Violent Crime

Particularly concerned about the prevalence of violent crime on the streets of Dublin, Barry is actively involved in initiatives to curb such incidents. By advocating for targeted law enforcement strategies and community-based interventions, he seeks to create an environment where residents feel safe in their neighbourhoods.

Long-Term Solutions: Tackling Root Causes

Barry recognises that to address crime truly, it is essential to eliminate the root causes that contribute to criminal behaviour. Central to his approach is a focus on eradicating poverty and expanding educational and job opportunities. By investing in initiatives that empower communities, Barry aims to break the cycle of criminality and create pathways to success for individuals facing socio-economic challenges.

Empowering Youth Through Training and Job Opportunities

One of Barry's key initiatives involves exploring ways to offer more training and job opportunities to young people in Dublin's inner city and beyond. By providing avenues for skill development and employment, Barry aims to divert young individuals away from a life of crime, fostering a sense of purpose and contributing to the community's overall well-being.

Compassion and Firmness: A Balanced Approach

Barry advocates for a compassionate approach to dealing with offenders, recognising that addressing the root causes of crime requires understanding and empathy. While advocating for rehabilitation and support programs, he is equally committed to a firm approach to crime prevention, ensuring that consequences are clear and just.

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