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Von der Leyen 'silent' on Gaza genocide case - Andrews

Fianna Fáil MEP Barry Andrews has accused European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen of being "silent" on the genocide accusations facing Israel in a top UN court.


Watch as Russia interferes with European politics ahead of the elections

The MEP Barry Andrews says there are a number of representatives in the European Parliament who regularly parrot Russian propaganda.


Fianna Fáil MEP Barry Andrews has called for a “robust” policing plan as Dublin gears up to host the Europa League final in May. 

Prescription Medication

Cheap anxiety pills are adding to Ireland’s drug crisis – we need to intervene before disaster, says Dublin MEP

The pill is sold for as little as €1 on the streets

Failure to ban ‘toxic’ vapes may lead to ‘environmental and health crisis’

MEP Barry Andrews slams harmful vaping 20 years on from smoking ban


Fine Gael’s EU partners want migrant policy that risks ‘human rights abuses’, warns Fianna Fáil MEP

European People’s Party plan is not ‘compliant with international and European human rights laws’, says Barry Andrews

Barry Andrews MEP urges the Irish government to follow the EU’s lead by banning Nitrous Oxide

“There is a general misconception among users that inhalation of nitrous oxide is safe. The momentary euphoria it offers is not worth the potentially life-altering and deadly effects. Immediate action is imperative to protect the well-being of our youth.”


Spyware scandal: US government sanctions Irish companies

The US Office of Foreign Assets Control has frozen the assets of individuals and companies behind the Predator surveillance technology, banning anyone from doing business with them. A promise to investigate their Irish presence has yet to materialise.

Dublin youths' easy access to imitation firearms is 'major cause for concern'

Barry Andrews MEP has raised concerns over young people having easy access to imitation firearms in Dublin. The comments come following the shocking Christmas Eve gun and knife attack at a restaurant in Blanchardstown that left two men dead.

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 Barry Andrews MEP makes trip to Rafah border crossing

Barry Andrews MEP travelled to the Rafah crossing in Egypt with a delegation from Renew Europe and witnessed a delay in humanitarian aid getting through the border crossing to Palestine. Barry Andrews MEP spoke to Pat Kenny on Newstalk about what he saw.

What's actually happening with EU aid for Palestine?

While the EU Commission backtracked on Hungarian Commissioner Oliver Várhelyí's tweets, the official press release muddied the waters even further, stating that 'as there were no payments foreseen, there will be no suspension of payments'. Barry Andrews MEP writes in the EU Observer.

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Amnesty links Irish-based Intellexa to global spyware scandal

The Intellexa Alliance has a presence in Ireland and has been accused of developing ‘highly invasive’ spyware and selling it to authoritarian governments….

'Battle of flags doesn't help’: Irish politicians condemn Israeli flag on EU Commission building

A GOVERNMENT MINISTER and two MEPs have said they do not agree with the projection of the Israeli flag on the European Commission building in Brussels over the weekend.


European Parliament backs law enhancing media independence

Members of the European Parliament have backed new laws to enhance media independence.

John Downing: The North needs to make most of its relationship with EU, just as Ian Paisley did

As bars go, this one was not a place you would choose to go on the spree as it sold more coffee and tea than alcohol. Yet for all that, it was still a public house, so the sight of the late Ian Paisley sitting quietly in a corner, albeit with an outsize pot of tea and focused on a well-thumbed Bible, was strangely disquieting.


Media coverage of EU Parliament 'very limited' - MEP

Dublin MEP Barry Andrews has said that Irish media coverage of the European Parliament is "very limited" and it is a problem given that democracy is in "recession" across the world.

Calls for Ireland to agree treaty with UAE that would allow for extradition of wanted Kinahans

Kinahan mob bosses could be extradited back home to face justice here if a new bilateral treaty with the UAE is signed, an MEP has said.


The Kinahan gang leaders, including Godfather Christy, the Dapper Don, and his son Daniel, the new kingpin, have been on the run for several years since they started a murderous feud with the rival Hutch gang.


Game theory – Frank McNally on the rituals and superstitions of GAA

Among the people I bumped into at the French embassy’s Bastille Day party on Friday was Dublin MEP Barry Andrews.

MEPs demand EU search and rescue mission to prevent Mediterranean deaths

Previous vote against operations in 2019 a ‘stain’ on the parliament, plenary session told


Nature Restoration Law gets green light from EU Parliament, including all Irish MEPs

Despite previous divisions over the highly debated law, all of Ireland’s 13 MEPs ultimately backed it in this morning’s vote.


Every Irish MEP voted in favour of a highly controversial EU “Nature Restoration” law, which critics say will be a “disaster” for rural communities across Europe.


Why has EU's nature restoration proposal turned toxic?

One of the most crucial votes in the history of the European Parliament takes place this week, with the future of nature and biodiversity at stake on the continent, writes Pádraig Hoare, Environment Correspondent

MEPs pass resolution calling for EU-led search and rescue mission in Mediterranean

The resolution requires EU members and Frontex to provide vessels, equipment and personnel to contribute to an EU-led search and rescue mission.


Poll: Have you ever used SHEIN?

WHETHER ONLINE OR on the high street, “fast fashion” is hard to escape.


SHEIN, which announced its new EMEA headquarters in Dublin in May, is the world’s largest fashion retailer, and increasingly popular among those looking for a cheap deal on new clothes.

Ireland failing to access 'lucrative' EU funding to develop social housing, MEP says

Some of the main issues identified in the report include the private sector not hitting the delivery targets set out in national strategies, less plentiful private investment for build-to-rent developments and local authorities and State agencies not being utilised to their full potential. File picture: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire


Barry Andrews

From spyware to SHEIN, Ireland’s business reputation is now in the crosshairs

The Irish MEP says Ireland is fast becoming the ‘best little country’ for controversial brands to set up shop in.

Liberal lawmakers take the lead at this year's MEP Awards

The Socialists and Democrats (S&D) and the European People's Party (EPP) tied for second place, with three accolades each, while the Greens brought home two.


Brussels, my love? The EU’s groundbreaking attempt to regulate AI clears its first hurdle

In this edition of Brussels, my love?, we discuss the EU's recent decision to be the first to regulate artificial intelligence. Some parties, however, were not completely happy with the final compromise.

Sinn Féin seeks another sign it is headed for power in European elections next year

Sinn Féin seeks another sign it is headed for power in European elections next year


EU report finds Ireland's tax system attracts malicious spyware companies

Intallexa, an Israeli company, produces the spyware product Predator, a malicious software programme which can be used to hack mobile phones.

SHEIN’S new headquarters in Dublin puts “Ireland’s reputation on the line”

The Chinese online fashion retailer’s new headquarters will be based in Dublin, meaning Ireland’s global reputation could “be tarnished.”

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