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Representing Dublin in Europe



Barry Andrews' Priorities

Barry Andrews believes in the principles on which the EU was founded and stands by the liberal, democratic values that have brought peace to Europe and actual social and economic progress to Ireland and Dublin over the last four decades.


‘Housing for All’ is Ireland’s most ambitious housing policy ever, aiming to increase the supply of new homes to an average minimum of 33,000 annually by 2030. Barry is committed to helping Ireland achieve this aim.


Cost of living

The current cost of living crisis has placed an extra burden on Irish families. By focusing on minimising the effects on households through targeted government spending and tax reliefs, Barry is seeking effective and practical methods to manage issues surrounding the cost-of-living crisis.


Barry is committed to creating a functional migration and asylum policy grounded in humanity, solidarity and respect for human rights. The number one priority must always be saving lives.


Defence & Irish Neutrality

Barry believes that as the world changes around us, we should start an open and healthy debate on what this means for Ireland's traditional policy of military neutrality.

Foreign Affairs

Barry has dedicated much of his parliamentary work to shaping Irish and European foreign policy. Foreign policy should be grounded in the values of humanity, peace, human rights, justice, the rule of law, equality and tackling climate change.

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Strengthening Democracy

Barry believes that a society is only as strong as the quality of its democracy – he is committed to the democratic reform of the EU.


Barry believes that trade policy can play an essential role in increasing European competitiveness while at the same time promoting international development.


Latest Updates

Delivering on Housing in Ireland | July 2023


Here you can download “Delivering on Housing in Ireland | A European Policy Perspective

Delivering on Housing in Ireland | July 2023


Download “Delivering on Housing in Ireland | A European Policy Perspective"


Constituency Newsletter | June 2023


Download the latest issue of Barry's constituency newsletter.

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About Barry

Barry Andrews has been serving as the Dublin representative in the European Parliament since 2019. He is a Fianna Fáil party member and an active member of Renew Europe. Renew Europe is part of the ALDE Party alliance within the European political landscape.

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Some of the issues tackled by Barry Andrews in his role as an MEP are housing, crime and anti-social behaviour, the cost of living crisis, health, education, immigration and the challenges posed by climate change.



Keep up with Barry’s appearances in the media by reviewing our media page. Barry regularly contributes to  newspapers and also makes television and radio appearances.


Join my team

Are you interested in joining Barry Andrew's team, or would you like to volunteer for an upcoming election campaign? See this page for details on joining. 

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To read Barry's latest blogs, please see our blog page. These blogs cover the broad spectrum of issues that Barry is in the process of addressing. It also contains information on government policies.


Work in the European Parliament

Barry has been a member of the European Parliament since 2019. Barry is a prominent member of the Renew Europe Group. Please review this page to see the specifics of Barry's work within the European Union.


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