Barry believes in Europe

Barry Andrews believes in the principles on which the EU was founded and stands by the liberal, democratic values that have brought peace to Europe and real social and economic progress to our country and our capital over the last four decades.

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Policies and Issues

Dublin is a vibrant, modern European city that is home to the European headquarters of most of the world’s tech giants. But the failure to invest in affordable housing and public transport has had a negative impact on the quality of life of Dubliners.

Dublin for All

Economic growth is vital, but must be managed and sustainable in the interest of all.

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The only way to protect our environment and to meet the unprecedented challenge of climate change is for countries to work together and for Europe to take a lead.

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Europe wants to strengthen and to invest in our SME sector.

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Digital Responsibility

The threat of cyber-attacks to our national infrastructure, our electoral system, and our businesses in Dublin is real.

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