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Dublin 'Bus Gates' a disaster without dedicated Transport Police – Andrews

Dublin MEP Barry Andrews has demanded the immediate introduction of a dedicated Public Transport police in Dublin ahead of the implementation of ‘Bus Gates’ on the quays in August.The Tánaiste Micheál Martin this weekend committed to establishing a dedicated Transport Police and boosting garda numbers across the capital. MEP Andrews said Dublin cannot wait any longer for these crucial measures.“The Government announced last week that it is introducing ‘Bus Gates’ from August to restrict private car access to the quays from August.  This is a disastrous idea unless Dubliners have access to safe, efficient and reliable public transport to get in and out of town,” the Fianna Fáil MEP said.“It has got to the stage where many families, students, commuters and tourists feel nervous using public transport. There have been reports of assaults, anti-social behaviour and intimidation on both buses and trains.  We don’t have enough gardaí to tackle this growing problem.  That is why we need a dedicated Transport Police to ensure that the very basic right to safe travel to and from work, college and school is restored.“There is no time to waste. People need to be able to get in and out of the city centre safely and comfortably. Otherwise moves to ban cars from the quays will effectively split the city in half, making it extremely difficult for people to move from north to south and vice versa.“There is currently little or no deterrent to anti-social and intimidating behaviour on buses or trains. We do not have enough gardaí to police the streets, let alone maintain a presence on public transport.  Introducing a fully resourced and dedicated Transport Police is a crucial first step to improve the public transport experience for everyone in Dublin.“We need to ensure that younger generations are not denied the right of travelling safely into town to classes, activities and to meet their friends.  This is a right that we took for granted ourselves growing up.  Returning safety to Dublin city centre must be an absolute priority.”

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