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Dublin MEP condemns senseless vandalism of trees in south Dublin

Dublin MEP Barry Andrews has condemned the senseless vandalism of trees in Dodder Valley Park over the weekend.“Make no mistake, this was a premeditated attack on the local community. The thugs responsible have nothing to gain from maliciously destroying dozens of mature trees and saplings.  By vandalising an important amenity, they are hurting the ordinary families and individuals who live nearby and use it every day,” the Fianna Fáil MEP said.“A huge amount of work and investment went into planting these trees and improving everyone's experience of Dodder Valley Park.  You have to ask yourself why someone would put the time and energy into sawing down so many trees in the middle of the night.

“The gardaí must be given the resources needed to investigate this incident, as it sets a worrying precedent in terms of anti-social behaviour and community disruption. It’s further evidence of the need to increase the garda presence at community level across Dublin.”

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