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EU Pact will bring essential reforms to migration system - Andrews

FF MEPs to back series of migration reforms

Fianna Fáil MEP Barry Andrews has said the new EU Migration Pact will overhaul the migration and asylum system, bringing about greater efficiency and fairness across EU Member States.The Dublin MEP was speaking as MEPs from across the EU prepare to vote on the Migration Pact at the European Parliament today (Wednesday 10th April 2024).“We are in dire need of a robust, efficient and streamlined system of processing International Protection Applicants. In recent years we have seen significant increases in the number of migrants seeking asylum in Ireland. We simply cannot limp on with a system that is not fit for purpose, is riddled with inefficiencies and poses potential risks to our communities and to those seeking our protection,” MEP Andrews said.“Ireland cannot tackle this alone. In order to achieve wide-ranging and effective reform, we must work alongside our fellow EU Member States and ensure a fair sharing of responsibility across the EU. The Pact will introduce more efficient asylum procedures, a robust and fair management of external borders and stronger governance of asylum and migration policies.“This Pact isn’t perfect, and I have wrestled with my conscience on aspects of it.  Ireland is a country full of welcoming communities who want to continue to help those in dire need - but who also know that our current migration and asylum system is losing public confidence.  If we were to wait until a perfect solution is found, the challenges we currently face will spiral completely out of our control.  There is no such thing as a perfect solution.“Moreover, should we fail to adopt the Pact ahead of the European elections, we run the risk of the extreme-right shaping the agenda during the next term. What we have here is a strong basis for further reform."The risks and uncertainties posed by not opting into this Pact are far greater for Ireland. By opting into the Pact now, we are sending out a strong signal that we are committed to working hand-in-hand with our EU counterparts on this complex issue to ensure a stronger and more effective system that shares the responsibility equally across the EU.”

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