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MEP Andrews welcomes return of Irish-Palestinian Zak Hania

Dublin MEP Barry Andrews has welcomed news that Irish-Palestinian, Zak Hania, has successfully fled Gaza and will be reunited with his family in Ireland this weekend.

“I first made contact with Zak Hania last November. We have communicated via text message over the past number of months. Over that time, Zak described to me the rapidly deteriorating conditions of the camp in which he and his family were based near Gaza City," said MEP Andrews.

“Thankfully, Ms Hania and their children managed to leave via the Rafah crossing in November. They have been back in Ireland since then campaigning for Zak’s return.

“I received a message from Zak yesterday confirming he had managed to flee Gaza and is now on his way back to Ireland to be reunited with his wife and children. This is very welcome news.”

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