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Who is Ursula von der Leyen?

Despite the power that she wields on behalf of Irish people across the world it would be interesting to see how you get on in the following multiple choice questions.

Question 1.

UVDL has (a) no kids (b) 3 kids (c) 7 kids (d) none of the above.

Question 2.

UVDL is (a) an architect (b) an engineer (c) a medical doctor (d) a retired army general.

Question 3

She is a former (a) Supreme Court Judge (b) Trade Commissioner (c) Minister for Defence (d) Minister for Agriculture.

Question 4

Her favourite pastime is (a) Curling (b) Hurling

Question 5

She was elected President of the Commission by the European Parliament by (a) unanimous vote (b) 109 votes (c) 9 votes (d) acclaim.

If you got all of these questions right you should probably consider a hobby.

The sharp-eyed euro-nerds will have noticed that c is the correct answer in each case.

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